“The Perfect Pillow” Children’s eBook – iPad

On Saturday, October 1, 2011 my first children’s book was published on the Apple App Store. Even though I was unsure of how a book written by a first-time author would do in a market that is overly-saturated, I decided to jump in regardless.

The story is about a young turtle named Colin who cannot fall asleep because his pillow is lumpy. His mother takes him to a pillow store where he hopes to find the perfect pillow in order to go to bed. The story was written, illustrated and coded for the iPad by myself, which was not an easy task considering I don’t have any experience in anything except illustration.

It has been about 36 hours or so since the book debuted on the App Store and over 40 people have downloaded it so far. Even though as far as apps go that number is relatively low, I’m still excited that so many people have a copy of my book on their iPads. I was honestly expecting 5-10 downloads total after about a month so the response exceeded my expectations greatly.

This also gives me encouragement to write and illustrate another book since I would like to create an entire line of children’s books in the future.

The Perfect Pillow eBook Cover
Click to view The Perfect Pillow App Store download page.

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