Basic Math Tutor

Basic Math Tutor
Basic Math Tutor app on HTC Thunderbolt & iPad

I recently discovered mobile app development software called Corona and Kwik. Corona uses its own programing language called Lua, which is a lot like actionScript, to create apps. The beauty of the software is that it takes a fraction of the code to create apps and it publishes out to both iOS and Android.

Kwik is a Photoshop plug-in that is great for people who don’t want to have to code at all. You assign actions from a drop down menu to each Photoshop layer and Kwik automatically publishes out the Lua code for you, which you can test in Corona. Another great part about both software companies is that they’re small, so any questions you send them will most likely be answered by the people who developed it directly. This is much nicer than the obligatory auto-response from Apple saying that you must have made a mistake and it’s not their fault.

I’m hoping to release a new update to my iPad eBook “The Perfect Pillow” in the next day or two, which I have completely remade in Kwik and Corona. The reason I chose to remake it with Kwik was because of how easy it is to integrate the “Read to Me” functionality and it handles memory management very well. Since I didn’t have to worry about memory management as much as I did when using Xcode and Cocos2D, I was also able to incorporate more animations and interactivity. So keep an eye out for version 2.0 coming soon.

While in between projects, I quickly threw together (about 4 hours of work) an app completely made in Photoshop/Corona. I wanted to test out how the software would do exporting out the same code for all Android devices, iPhone, iPhone 4, and iPad. It seems to run fine on my Android phone and iPad, but I did notice for some reason Corona automatically says the app requires Internet and Phone permissions for Android. If you delete those permissions (since the app doesn’t require either), Corona overwrites what you wrote and puts the requirements back in. So anyone reading this, no I am not listening in on your phone calls, nor does my app need internet access. Also, the sounds on the Android sometimes overlap and after the 99th question a new screen briefly appears before restarting the app. Kind of an odd behavior, but I guess it can’t be perfect trying to export for every mobile device.

I’m still waiting on Apple’s approval, but Android users can grab the app now here:

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