iPad 3rd gen vs. iPad 1

Scaling issues on iPad3 vs. iPad

Apple debuted their latest iPad last Friday and it caused some major issues for app developers such as myself. Since the 3rd generation iPad’s retina display is 4x greater than the original iPad’s, on some apps it tried to scale the images 4x as well. So many apps on the App Store now only display the lower right of apps that used to work fine on iPad1 and iPad2. This has led to a flooding of the App Store with updates from developers trying to get fixed versions of their apps to their customers before bad reviews begin to emerge. Fortunately, I have been able to fix all of my apps to work on the new iPad, but unfortunately, I have to wait for Apple to approve the updated versions. So in the meantime, anyone who already owns my apps and has a new iPad will not be able to use them. I wonder if this would have happened if Steve Jobs were still here.

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