CoronaComplete: First Impression Review

CoronaSDK creates an easy way for Flash developers to transfer over by utilizing the Lua coding language, which is very similar to Flash’s actionScript 3.0 code. But what about app developers that are accustomed to the interface of Xcode or Eclipse? Typing your code into a text editor and opening that file in the Corona Terminal and simulator isn’t exactly what they’re used to. That’s where CoronaComplete comes into play.

CoronaComplete UI
CoronaComplete UI

CoronaComplete’s interface is very similar to Xcode’s and Eclipse’s UI and will run the CoronaSDK simulator and error console for you just by clicking “Run”.

CoronaComplete Error Console
CoronaComplete Error Console

It has a lot of options for code hinting, auto complete, color scheme change, etc., which can make for an easier and more pleasant experience.

CoronaComplete Options
CoronaComplete Options

You can open existing projects or your can start a new project from scratch. You can choose a blank template, app, game, eBook or LevelHelper template. These are just basic templates to get you started, they’re not complete applications that have all of the work done for you. You can then alter each .lua file, add folders/files, and add images to your project.

Overall, CoronaComplete seems like it would be very useful for someone who is switching over from Xcode or Eclipse. The code hinting and auto-fill can be helpful, but personally I found myself disabling it a few times. Every time I tried to name a button “Tab” it would change the name to a string of code. I do like how much the UI is similar to Xcode and if you add a file to your project folder, it automatically appears in your CoronaComplete project window. If you’re not sure if it’s something that would be useful to you, you can do what I did and just download the free trial. I still have 5 days left to decide if it’s something I would use a lot, but so far it seems worthwhile.

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