More Updates

As if things weren’t crazy enough being a new father, I’ve also been going through the process of trying to be a first-time homeowner. Regardless, I always try to stay on top of the mobile application realm even when free time isn’t in abundance.

My two free iOS apps were approved by Apple yesterday and have already been getting a lot of downloads. Anyone who isn’t a new parent probably won’t have a use for Newborn Tracker, but everyone will probably have a use for Serial Box. The Colin Turtle eBook apps have been doing pretty well with consistent sales on Amazon and the Apple App Store.

Alex Souza from Kwiksher was invited to speak at a Corona SDK meet-up where he demonstrated Kwik 2.0 as well as showed a video clip of my app. The presentation was recorded, Floating Fun makes a debut around 45 minutes, 50 seconds into the video: YouTube Link.

Corona recently announced that they’re preparing for the big iOS 6 / iPhone 5 debut. As a developer, I’m a little worried that the new iPhone 5 screen size is going to be a headache to develop universal apps. It’d be nice if the new version of Xcode has an option for iPhone, iPad, and iPhone 5 (and maybe even the Kindle-sized iPad that’s rumored), but only time will tell.

With the iPhone 5 and possibly a smaller iPad, this ramps up the number of iOS devices to 14, if you count all of the older iPhones and iPod Touches. While this is a small fraction of the number of Android devices you could possibly try to develop for, it still starts to cause  issues. Makes me wonder if Steve Jobs would be all for this or if he would have already invented a cell phone substitute by now.

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