iOS 6, News, etc.

Here is where I would normally write my review of the iPhone 5. However, I’ve opted to not spend $650 on a phone out of contract, so I’ll have to wait until November 17th, when I can buy the phone for $199 with 2-year contract extension from Verizon.

However, as a developer, I did find the iOS 6 update to be particularly interesting. I eagerly awaited the update here on the east coast, constantly refreshing the Software Update screen on my iPad 3. Once it installed, I finally got to play around with the new Siri, which was improved from the original Siri, but still seemed like a toy to play with, but not something I would use everyday. Our conversations went like this:

“Siri, was Steve Jobs your father?”
“I cannot find any information on that, would you like me to search the web?”
“Siri, you’re stupid.”
“I’m doing my best, Greg.”
“I’m sorry.”
“No need to apologize.”

“Are you friends with Steve Wozniak?”
“We were talking about you, not me.”
“So are you or aren’t you?”
“No comment.”

Then I played around with Apple’s new maps app, which supports 3D building views in larger cities, but seems to be lacking a bit compared to Google Maps. Then I noticed the lack of the YouTube app, which was kind of a bummer, but YouTube still works in Safari and has an iPhone app you can download so it’s not too bad. Other than that, I didn’t notice anything too great come out of iOS6.

I had my wife download iOS onto her iPhone 4 so she could try Siri, but instead she was greeted by a voice command prompt. Seemed like it was very similar to and just as limited as Android’s voice command feature. However, she did get Passbook, but at the time there weren’t (aren’t) many companies supporting the feature anyway so it’s kind of a waste. However, my co-worker’s iPhone 4S got the panoramic camera feature added to his phone. Not sure why Apple chose to make iOS 6 so different for every device and also to not support the iPad 1, but still support the iPhone 3GS.

I’ve been testing apps on the new iPhone 5 simulator and I’m not entirely thrilled by the letter boxing. I’m just debating if it’s worth the effort to adjust all of my apps for the iPhone 5 just yet.

This Saturday I’ll be speaking at NEPA BlogCon, so if you’ve got your tickets, stop on by. The guys from Corona Labs have graciously decided to express mail some swag to me to give out at the event, so hopefully it gets here on time. I’ll be presenting with Adam Ceresko of Appek Apps where we’ll be discussing mobile app development, mobile blogs, blogging apps, etc.

Speaking of mobile blogs, I finished the first draft of my next tutorial for Ray Wenderlich. It’s going to cover getting started with Corona SDK, so I’ll let everyone know when it’s done being edited and when it will be published.

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