Tutorial: Importing Flash Animations into Kwik 2

As an animator, Flash has always been my go-to software for computer animations. When I needed animations for my mobile apps, I would export the drawings as .PNG sequences and then compile them into a spritesheet. Well now Animo software and Kwiksher have partnered to make importing Flash animations into apps seamless.

Rather than force you to read the step-by-step process, I figured it’d be easier to show you in a video.

You’ll notice at 1:03 in the video I forgot to change the radio button from TexturePacker to Animo, but it still works. That’s because at the time of this recording, they’re very similar. However, to avoid problems in the future, you should change it to Animo if you’re importing your spritesheet from there.

6 thoughts on “Tutorial: Importing Flash Animations into Kwik 2

  1. I’ve already got texture packager, I’m wondering do I still need Animo…

    What are their difference? Seems they both have native support for Kwik, and both do the same job for exporting flash animation into sprite sheet.

    Thanks for the tutorial again.

    1. They are very similar. The biggest difference in the case of Kwik 2 is that Animo can use the .swf files to create sprite sheets and TexturePacker needs your .png sequence images. Both are great tools and really come down to personal preference. Thanks for reading!

  2. What version of Animo is that? the trial version currently April 2014 is confusing, and I am not sure if its the trial version or just a new crappier version?

    1. Animo was recently changed to Lanica Animo Sprites: https://lanica.co/products/animo/sprites. I personally do not have any experience using this new version. However, for some reason, it does seem like this link: https://lanica.dpdcart.com/cart/view?referer=http%3A%2F%2Flanica.co&product_id=49325&method_id=49954&__dpd_cart=73b08d3e-221d-4345-82cb-8f1417071cf3 takes you to where you can still purchase the older version. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I’m judging that by the price and by the icon.

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