Pixel Art For Apps

The guys at RayWenderlich.com wanted to get together to do the OneGameAMonth Challenge so I agreed to do the artwork. Ray wanted to know if I had any experience in pixel art, which I do not, so I researched how to create it.

I found a Google Chrome and Apple iPad app called Make Pixel Art, which is pretty intuitive. Using standard drawing tools, you draw pixel-by-pixel until you have something that resembles Nintendo graphics. It’s pretty easy and inexpensive, the only problems are that you have to export/retrieve your work through their website, which is extremely buggy, and there’s no real easy way to create a sprite sheet in it. Of course for $2 or $3 you can’t complain too much, it’s still pretty fun.

If you’d rather create pixel art in Photoshop, which would make it easier to export your artwork for your apps, Cartoon Smart offers a video tutorial that shows you how to create an entire scene.

Here are some of my first drawings.


Far Cry 3


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