Rag Doll Tutorials

Alex Souza, the founder of Kwiksher Photoshop plug-in, has gotten numerous requests from people asking if Kwik 2 can be used to create rag doll-style applications. I was happy to write a tutorial for him that shows users how to create such an application without having to write any code. You can read the tutorial on Kwiksher’s website here.

However, I began to wonder if non-Photoshop users would also like a similar tutorial, since not everyone owns or knows how to use Adobe Photoshop software. I quickly pieced together a similar application using TextMate, and the Corona SDK.

I’ve recorded a quick sneak peak of a future tutorial I plan to release that covers creating a Beat Up Your Boss-style application. Although it should be noted, I do not condone going into your workplace and abusing anyone, let’s keep the violence in the app world, not the real world.

Let me know if you’d rather see a video tutorial or a written tutorial in the future.

3 thoughts on “Rag Doll Tutorials

    1. I’m actually in the process of writing it, it’s going to be Chapter 4 of my iBook/PDF on Getting Started with Corona SDK. Not sure when the book will be completed and on the iBook Store for download, hopefully somewhat soon!

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