One Game A Month – Game 1: Finished

Ray Wenderlich (programming), Vinnie Prabhu (sound), and myself (art) decided to team up for the One Game A Month challenge. As you may be able to guess by the title, the goal is to create a working game concept each month.

For January, Ray wanted to learn Cocos2D-Javascript so that’s what he used for our game called “Confinement.” The game is based on a guy who works in an underground bunker. One day there’s an earthquake and he becomes trapped beneath the Earth’s surface. Using mouse clicks (in the HTML5 Firefox version), you have to navigate our hero through the ground while collecting air tanks and jewels that allow you to dig through tougher rocks. You have to plan your escape carefully or you’ll run out of air and perish.

title screen

I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with the game considering how much time we actually worked on it. I had never done pixel art until Ray asked if I was capable of drawing it so that was a learning curve. Plus, he had never used Cocos2D-Javascript before and had to learn that before any of the programming could commence.

game screen

Check it out in Firefox here:

*Note: Browsers such as Safari, IE, and Chrome do not handle the code well and will probably cause bugs. We recommend using Firefox only.

Speaking of Ray Wenderlich, my latest tutorial for his site was recently published, check it out here:

2 thoughts on “One Game A Month – Game 1: Finished

  1. As a fellow game designer/developer, I’ll be watching your progress. I might even join up to the challenge and compare how we do. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next month.

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