New Tutorial and App

After submitting my new iOS game to Apple yesterday, I wondered how difficult it would be to port over to Android. The biggest difficulty I noticed was that the full-page ad that I placed in it couldn’t be closed by Android users. This means that players would have to click through the ad, and then press their back button a couple times to get back to the game. This is totally unacceptable, so I switched it from a fullscreen ad to a banner ad, and that seemed to solve the issue.

Another difficulty was different screen resolutions and hardware specs. What seems to run fine on iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy Tab 7s made my HTC Thunderbolt crash. I had to alter the Android version a bit to get it to run on a Thunderbolt. This means it may crash on the other 50,000 Android devices out there that I don’t own for testing. Joys of Android development, I suppose.

Here is the link to the Android version:

The app isn’t anything spectacular, I just made it as a way to learn some new coding. Speaking of learning, my new tutorial is available today on In this tutorial, I take you through how to create and publish your own eBook using iBooks Author. It’s a great tool to make your own books for free.

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