Corona SDK Application Design

Many of you came across my blog after purchasing my book, “Creating Mobile Apps with Corona SDK“, where I take you directly into creating your own mobile applications. I didn’t discuss a lot of coding background, though since I just wanted to get readers interested in actually creating apps to see how fun it can be.

Now that you’ve gotten your first taste of the power of Corona, you’re probably yearning for more, but books that cover advanced Lua programming can seem intimidating and daunting. Daniel Williams, the programmer of The Phrase Game and Finding Hope, has also written a book about Corona SDK called “Corona SDK Application Design“. In this book, Daniel discusses more of the technical aspects of Lua coding and takes you through step-by-step to create real-world applications. This is a great intermediate step between beginner programming books like mine and advanced programming books

Corona SDK Application Design starts out covering the basics like installing and setting up Corona SDK and then quickly goes into Lua basics like variables, if/then statements, for/while loops, tables and functions. You then create an app using the storyboard tool and widgets, which are key to just about every app created with Corona SDK. You’ll also create a jigsaw puzzle game app and then test it on an actual device. There’s no point having an app on just your device though, so Daniel covers how to publish your app to the marketplaces so you can start raking in the fame and cash.

The book runs about 98 pages, not including the table of contents, credits, etc., which is a good length to keep you interested without making it seem like you’ve got a dictionary of Lua code sitting on your desk. It provides key background knowledge of the points covered without going into painstaking detail about every word of code that you type. It’s written by someone who actually has a lot of apps out on the app marketplace, so Daniel writes from experience of creating actual applications. If you enjoy learning how to create apps without all of the fluff, you’ll definitely enjoy this book.

Corona SDK Application Design
Corona SDK Application Design

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