Social Media App Hiatus

This week I’ve decided to take break from my two most-used apps on my iPhone, iPad and Macbook: Facebook and Twitter. It feels like a good portion of my day is spent checking those two apps to see what is going on my friends’ lives as well as in the worlds of mobile app development and animation. So as an experiment, I’m not going to check on the Facebook/Twitter apps or websites for one week to see how my life is changed.

Today was my first day without social media and I found myself getting a lot accomplished. I completed my household to-do list by 8:30am, got a lot of work done for my day job, cleaned my home office, worked on my children’s book, designed some stickers to promote the book, and even squeezed in some Xbox before I had to start dinner for my wife and daughter. Now my daughter is in bed and I’m able to write a blog post and maybe work on the book a bit more.

However, there is the possibility that I may fill the social media void in my life with just another distraction. I could find myself playing guitar or Xbox a lot more than I normally would. I’m interested to see how I’m doing by Saturday, but so far it feels like a burden has been lifted since I don’t feel like I have to immediately check on all the notifications of likes, comments, retweets, and mentions.

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