The Perfect Pillow: Now on Amazon!

I’m happy to announce that my iPad/Kindle Fire children’s book app has been converted into a softcover book and is now available on! If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get it with free shipping, or if you’re not a Prime member, you can still get it shipped to you for free with an order of $25+. This is a much better price than the $14.99 Bookemon originally wanted to print it at (read my previous blog post).

My next step is to finish the first book in my series, Maddie Bear Books and get that published through Amazon as well.


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Pillow: Now on Amazon!

  1. Congrats! How have sales been for your app and the softcover book? And what was the process like to get the app converted to a book?

  2. When I first released The Perfect Pillow in 2011, until the end of 2012, sales were steady and very good. Especially on the Kindle Fire, that’s where the majority of my sales came from. In 2013, sales slowed down, so just to regain some popularity, I offered it for free for a week. That got a few thousand downloads, but unfortunately, not many more reviews came from the free offering.

    As far as the print version goes, I really didn’t advertise it too much when it was on Bookemon because I wasn’t thrilled by the price. I know I wouldn’t pay $15 for it, so I was sure no one else would want to, either. Even with it being on Amazon now, it was more of a personal test to see how using CreateSpace was for children’s books. I have to say that I’m happy with it and I’ll be using it on my next book, which I’m hoping to advertise a lot more when it’s finished.

    For me, it was pretty easy to convert it from an app to a book because I used Adobe Flash to draw all of the artwork. This allowed me to scale it up/down as needed without losing any line quality since it’s vector-based. Flash also lets you export images at 300 dpi for print, so that was a huge help.

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