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The Phrase Game: Updated!

For the past couple months, Daniel Williams and myself have teamed up to create a new game app called “The Phrase Game”. I’m happy to announce it’s now available for iOS, Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Android!

For the initial release, we created 50 puzzles to solve based on popular phrases and idioms. We just released a free bonus pack of 25 puzzles that are a little more challenging as well as an additional trophy. We’re hoping to continue releasing periodic updates that give players more puzzles and trophies.


Built with Corona SDK

Download Now!

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Coffee Grab: Now For Nook Color

I recently submitted Coffee Grab to Barnes and Noble. Since I’ve never published a Nook app before, I was curious to see their process. I had applied for a developer account awhile ago, was later approved, then had to get approved to sell apps. The process took so long, I lost interest and never got around to making an app for their devices.

Since I created Coffee Grab in Corona SDK, publishing for the Nook was as easy as selecting “Nook Color” from the drop down list. I figured since it was so easy to publish out a Nook version, I might as well give it a shot. I submitted the .apk file along with some screenshots to Barnes and Noble. Today it is finally on the app store:


On the original Nook Color tablet, it runs a bit slow. I’m hoping that it runs faster on the newer models. If anyone has a Nook Color or Nook Tablet and tries it, I’d love to hear how it runs.