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I finished the first draft of my new iBook/PDF last night. Now I have to proofread, double check the source file coding, etc. Then I’ll submit the iBook version to Apple for approval and look for a good method of PDF distribution. Thank you to everyone for your support!

Corona Labs asked me to write a quick tutorial over the weekend and that’s now published here:


Corona SDK iBook Update

I just finished Chapter 4 of my upcoming iBook/PDF about creating apps in Corona SDK. So far it looks like it’s going to be broken down as such:

Chapter 1: Introduction, Software Needed

Chapter 2: Your First App: Spaceship Driver

Chapter 3: Your Second App: Intro to Physics, Bouncing Ball

Chapter 4: Your Third App: Office Rag Doll Guy

Chapter 5: Your Fourth App: Using Director

Chapter 6: Third Party Tools Tutorials

I’m hoping to get the 5th chapter done in the next couple days, the 6th chapter by next week, then it’s just adding artwork and proofreading before sending it off to Apple for approval.

Thanks For Reading and Voting!

Over 700 people have downloaded copies of the preview of my new iBook/PDF and almost 95% of the people who voted said I should finish it.

With numbers like that, I suppose I have no choice but to continue writing and spreading the word about Corona SDK. I have completed the 3rd chapter of the book introducing physics and will begin writing the 4th chapter later today.

Copyright 2013 – Greg Pugh – GP Animations

I’d like to give a special thank you to the guys over at Corona Labs for tweeting about the book, I’m pretty sure that’s where 95% of the traffic came from.

Thanks again!

iBook: Creating Mobile Apps with Corona by GP Animations

Since I’ve been writing a lot of tutorials lately, I thought it might be worthwhile to write an entire iBook about creating apps with Corona SDK. However, once I got past the first 2 chapters, I began to wonder if anyone would even want an entire book on the subject.

To solve this question, I’ve decided to give away the first 2 chapters of the book for free. The only problem is, I hear it takes Apple quite awhile to approve iBooks so I’ll provide the link for the file here. Simply download the .ibooks file and sync it to your iPad via iTunes.

If you enjoy or hate the book with a passion, let me know and that will determine if I continue writing the rest of the book.

Click to download iBooks Version
Click to download iBooks Version
Click to download the PDF Version
Click to download the PDF Version


PDF Version Readers: Click to watch video
PDF Version Readers: Click to watch video


I’m aware of the typo in the poll question, I guess autocorrect got the best of me and now I can’t change it. Be sure to check your autocorrect, kids.