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Quickly Creating a 2-D + 3-D Cartoon

Part of my day job is creating animated cartoons for online learning courses. For my latest project, it was decided to have it set in an apartment with two-dimensional cartoon characters superimposed. Given the time frame, I tried to find the easiest and fastest way to model the apartment in 3-D using inexpensive software with the smallest learning curve.  Planner 5D met all of my requirements, so I decided to give it a shot.

Planner 5D on Windows 10

One thing I really liked about Planner 5D is that it’s available for Mac, PC, and mobile devices. This was handy because I could work in it anywhere and could easily show off different layouts to the team even if I wasn’t near my desktop computer.

Planner 5D on an iPhone 8 Plus

It also has a lot of built-in models that you can quickly drop in and customize as needed, which was a huge time saver. I was able to learn the software, create an apartment for the project, revise as needed from team feedback, and render out all of the stills in about 2 business days.

Some of the options of pre-built assets Planner 5D has available.

For the characters, I quickly sketched out some ideas in Procreate on my iPad Pro based on the descriptions given to me by the instructional designer during our meeting. In this case, the main characters were a college student and his anthropomorphic ostrich roommate.

I imported the sketches into Adobe Animate, traced them, and broke them into individual graphics so they could be easily animated.


I then imported the background images that were created and rendered in Planner 5D and animated the characters on different layers. The Keyframe Caddy extension for Adobe Animate is a huge time-saver and cut down the amount of time it took to lip-sync the characters to the dialogue.


If you’re looking to make an animation in a similar style, I hope you also find these tools useful. I know personally, it was very handy to have software like this to cut down on production time.

Adobe CC 2014

As many of your Adobe users probably have heard by now, Adobe released their next version of Adobe Creative Cloud, called CC 2014. The event was streamed live, but if you missed it, you can watch it here. They added new features to their existing software, created some new mobile applications for drawing and photo-editing, and even released a new stylus/ruler set (be it an expensive one) called “Ink and Slide“.

Ink and Slide - Copyright Adobe 2014
Ink and Slide – Copyright Adobe 2014

One part of Photoshop CC 2014 that I thought was intriguing was the ability to create 3-D objects and then have them printed and delivered to your doorstep. Just to test it out, I took part of my logo, extruded it, and then sent it over to be printed.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.23.22 AM

Depending on the material that you want it to be made of and how large/complex it is, the price will vary greatly. For instance, I was originally going to turn it into a coffee mug where the “P” would hold the liquid and the “G” would be a crazy handle. However, just making it 3″ tall, bumped the price up to about $120 shipped. Losing the coffee mug idea and reducing it to 1/4″ tall to just have a 3-D logo, bumped it down to $12 shipped. You can even get your models made of precious metals, which as you can guess, will bump the price up considerably.

Right now my logo model is being reviewed to make sure it’s not too thin where it will break. If it passes that it will go into production and shipping. I’ll post again once I receive it or if it gets rejected.