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Packt Publishing’s 10th Birthday Sale


Packt Publishing is celebrating 10 years of delivering learning and information to IT professionals. To celebrate, they’re offering every eBook and video series they have for $10 a piece. Depending what subject you’re looking for, this could be a pretty big savings off of the regular price.

The only catch is, the sale only goes until July 5, 2014, so you have to act pretty quickly and stock up on learning material. This seems like a great time for me to start learning Unity…

Check out the sale here: http://bit.ly/1q8vtgN

Review: SketchBook Pro Digital Painting Essentials

I recently had the chance to read through SketchBook Pro Digital Painting Essentials by Packt Publishing. The book is an overview and how-to guide of Sketchbook Pro digital painting software by Autodesk. It’s written for the computer software version, but many of the tools and techniques may be transferred over to the iOS and Android versions as well, just the user interface will be different.

Copyright Packt Publishing
Copyright Packt Publishing

If you’ve wanted to try Sketchbook Pro, but were too intimidated or weren’t sure how to get started, this book is a great starting point. It goes through all of the tools and how to modify each one to suit your style of drawing and painting. The book covers everything from the interface to layers to sketch and coloring. It is an in-depth starter guide to Sketchbook Pro and how to get started with the software.

However, it is important to note that this book does not teach you how to create specific pieces of art. The book does tell you how the author created each part of a specific piece that is shown, but it does not give you any step-by-step drawing directions. If you’re looking for a book that takes you through the process of creating the artwork shown on the cover, this is not it. If you’re looking for a book to show you how to use and create the tools necessary to create works of art, this book is definitely worth checking out.

Overall, SketchBook Pro Digital Painting Essentials is a great starter book to anyone interested in using Sketchbook Pro. It gets right to the heart of the subject without presenting you with unrelated filler.

Huge Sale at Packt Publishing

The good folks at Packt Publishing have notified me of a sale, that I definitely think is worth sharing. From now until January 3, 2014, every eBook and eLearning video on their site is just $5. So if you ever wanted to learn Corona SDK, Cocos2D, Objective-C, Java, Titanium, or anything else, now is definitely the time.

You don’t need a promo code or anything, just visit this link and buy up as many books as you can for $5 each.

Packt Publishing 50% Off Sale

The good folks at Packt Publishing have informed me that their 50% off all eBooks and videos Columbus Day sale is expiring tomorrow, so I thought you might like to know as well. Packt publishes a nice variety of mobile app development and other software eBooks that you can read on your iPad and Android devices. I’ve reviewed two of their books about Corona SDK in the past, and I’ve pre-ordered their book on Appcelerator Titanium app development already.

If you’re looking to pick up an eBook or video series, now is the time: Packt Publishing

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Book Review: Corona SDK Hotshot

Today I’m going to review “Corona SDK Hotshot” by Nevin Flanagan, which is published by Packt Publishing. If you’re a regular Corona user, you’re probably well past the “Hello World” style tutorials that are available in most coding books, but you may not be ready for expert-level books, either. Corona SDK Hotshot is a great intermediate level book that assumes previous knowledge of the platform and lets you create 10 different game apps.

Corona SDK Hotshot

One thing that I noticed from this book that is different than most, is that the author first shows you how to layout your game idea. Instead of just throwing you into the coding, you first first think about what you want your game to do, how will it function, the screen order, etc. to properly plan out the app. This is good practice for new game developers to draft out their ideas and properly layout the game plan instead of just jumping right into coding and artwork.


The variety of the games that you develop in the book is nice, ranging from tapping enemies before they get to a certain point, jet shooter-style, RPG, and even a translation app. I think my favorite example was chapter 5’s game, “Atmosfall” because it reminded me of “Vapor Trail” for Sega Genesis (I’m aware that I may be the only person that has ever played this game before). It’s a top-down view game of an aircraft that shoots enemies that also shoot at you, not a new concept, but still entertaining.

The examples aren’t just about the finished product, though. Through the process of building the games, you learn about integrating multiple touches, loading music, algorithms, Game Center, etc., which can help you build games that integrate these features and do not necessarily follow the examples given. Again, this book is not for total beginners who are new to Corona SDK, it assumes prior knowledge.

Overall, I thought this book was good from a standpoint of someone who understands Corona SDK and Lua and wants to create a variety of game types. I picked up the PDF version to read on my iPad while traveling and on my Macbook when I was ready to code. If you’re interested in creating gaming applications, it’s definitely worth checking out.