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Maddie Bear’s Snack Time

I’m happy to announce that my latest mobile app game, “Maddie Bear’s Snack Time” is now released for iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook Tablets and Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets. Based off of the Maddie Bear book series, Maddie Bear’s Snack Time is a game where Maddie Bear tries to eat as many pieces of fruit as possible while avoiding all of the junk food. It’s an endless runner-style game that is very easy for young children to pick up.




Finding Hope

Recently I teamed up with Daniel Williams, a fellow Corona SDK app developer, to create a new game called “Finding Hope”. I created the artwork and Daniel handled all of the coding.

You play as a teenager who needs to escape horrifying levels of gameplay as ceilings of spikes descend upon him. Swiping motions side-to-side control our hero as he tries to find the safe zone to stand before the spikes crush him.

It’s currently available for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire.