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How to Make App Store Screenshots

Yesterday, a tutorial I wrote for RayWenderlich.com was published called “How to Make Great App Store Screenshots” and it has gotten a great response. It’s probably been the most popular tutorial I’ve written for the site and that was only its first day.

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Office Revamp

One thing that seems to obstruct my workflow is clutter. If I’m trying to work and I notice that my office is in disarray, 99% of the time I’ll stop working to clean and organize. This is how my office used to look:


So last weekend I decide to give it a little facelift in hopes of sparking some inspiration and creativity.


With less clutter and a new coat of paint, my office feels bigger and cleaner, which gives me a lot less distractions throughout the day. Since the office revamp, I’ve started learning Apple’s new Swift programming language and have been practicing new techniques in digital painting.

If you’re looking for some great instructional videos on creating digital artwork, I strongly suggest checking out Folio Academy. They offer everything from children’s book app artwork videos to animation and even painting.