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CartoonSmart: Netflix Style

CartoonSmart recently announced a new subscription plan to their iOS and artwork/animation courses. This is a great way to learn all you want to learn about those topics for a really affordable rate.

Unfortunately, the Construct 2 tutorials aren’t included in the plan, but they’re still offered at a heavily discounted rate compared to Udemy.com.

Thanks to everyone who has already taken the Construct 2 courses. If you haven’t checked them out yet, go to CartoonSmart and have a look!

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Sketch 3

I was recently commissioned by Stone River E-Learning to create a video tutorial series on Sketch 3 software. If you need a lightweight software package to quickly mock-up websites or mobile apps, Sketch 3 is very useful. The learning curve is very small and there’s even a website devoted to templates and artwork specifically for Sketch 3 that you can use.

I didn’t want the tutorials to be a typical “this is how you use the oval drawing tool” course, so the very first lesson is creating an actual Facebook app clone. I figured it’d be more exciting to create working examples and the students would learn how to use all of the tools by actually making something.

If you don’t already own a copy of Sketch 3, get the 30 day free trial here and check out the course here.

More About Construct 2

In my last post, I wrote about my experience using Construct 2 to build HTML5 games. Since then, I have improved the Maddie Bear’s Sticker Hunt game to support touchscreen devices/game controllers and hidden areas. I’ve also created a game for toddlers that I was able to export as a native iOS application, started listening to the C2 Podcast, and the generous folks at Scirra gave me a review license for Construct 2 so that I may write/record tutorials how to use the software.


If you’re interested in Construct 2, you should definitely listen to the C2 Podcast by Alvarop and ArcadEd. They talk about their experiences using Construct, monetization and have special guests. I really enjoy listening to it as I’m working on games.


If you haven’t checked out my Maddie Bear HTML5 games yet, they’re now both smartphone/tablet compatible. Maddie Bear’s Sticker Hunt is under constant development, but you can check back periodically for updates and enhancements.


I also created a simple demo game for toddlers that I’m going to turn into a video tutorial course. It will be a great way for people unfamiliar to Construct 2 to see what it can do. It will cater to those who download the free version (4 layer limit and HTML5-only publishing), but I’ll also show you options on how to publish to an iPhone if you have a paid license. It’s also compatible with smartphones/tablets, so you don’t need a computer keyboard or game controller to play it.


Mobile Updates

I apologize for slacking on new blog posts, my wife gave birth to our first child on July 22 and things have been very busy ever since. I have kept up with mobile development though, so I figured I’d go over a few items in which I can cover in more detail in future posts.

Pending Apple’s approval, I should have two new free apps debuting in a couple weeks. One is called “Newborn Tracker”, which I created out of necessity. It helps you track when your baby eats, how much they consume, and when they have a dirty diaper, etc. Apparently this is really important in the first couple weeks of having a baby so the pediatrician knows how they are doing.

The other app is called “Serial Box”, which lets you keep track of all of your valuables, their serial numbers, their worth, and store an image of them in case of theft or fire. The apps were based off of an old tutorial I used, so that’s why they’re completely free. Plus, I just think they’re useful and I want people to be able to take advantage of them without paying or putting up with ads.

I have written a guest blog post for Corona Labs that will be on their site on Sunday, August 19th. Check it out on www.CoronaLabs.com/blog. It covers my process of using Kwik 2 beta and Corona SDK to create my children’s eBook “Floating Fun“.

Speaking of my children’s book, I was also interviewed by Alex Souza, creator of Kwik about being the first person to ever create an app using Kwik 2.0 Beta. You can read the interview here and see it on the Kwiksher Showcase here.

When I told Ray Wrenderlich from www.RayWenderlich.com about my book, he asked me to write a tutorial on How to Create an Interactive eBook without Code. I wrote up the first draft as well as about 70 screenshots to take you through the process step-by-step. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from the editorial and testing teams to make revisions and get it published on their site. I’ll keep you posted when it’s available.

If you’ve never visited the site before, I strongly recommend it. I completed the 7 part tutorial about creating a Bluetooth enabled card game and I started the first part of the Apprentice series, which is free if you sign up for the newsletter. So far, I have to say the iOS Apprentice series is by far the best written tutorial I’ve read on how to learn Objective-C. Instead of giving you a chunk of bland code to copy and paste, the author explains in everyday terms what each word means, giving real world examples in which to compare them.

Bluetooth Card Game